Woodpecker Capital

Woodpecker Capital is a holding company with ownership stakes in  the two Danish manufacturers of wooden packaging products; Vestjysk Træemballage and Danpal.

Vestjysk Træemballage 

Vestjysk Træemballage produces wooden packaging for delivery throughout Denmark. The company uses certified raw materials from suppliers that guarantee sustainable forestry. Vestjysk Træemballage has a core focus on social responsibility. The company controls a large number of trucks and trailers and follows the goods from order to delivery.


Danpal is a nationwide supplier of wooden pallets in Denmark. The company are experts in the production of special pallets and recycling of Euro pallets with many large Danish companies as customers. Danpal is specialized in optimizing pallet solutions, so e.g. environmental and climate impact is minimized and the company is among the leaders in Denmark in CO2 calculation and reduction for pallet solutions. At the same time, Danpal is a very socially responsible company, where several of the employees are from the fringes of the labor market, just as the company helps vulnerable unemployed people through work trials, internships, etc.

Production, sale, distribution and recycling of wooden packaging.

Recycling of used pallets. Raw materials from sustainable forestry. Great focus on CO2 calculation and reduction for pallet solutions as well as social responsibility.

HQ: Aulum/Herning, Denmark

Turnover 2023:


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