We are a Norwegian investment company with proprietary interests in such industries as renewable energy, environmental technology, aquaculture and real estate.

About Daimyo

Daimyo AS is a Norwegian investment company with proprietary interests in sustainable businesses and real estate. Climate change exists and we must act to combat it. We have long been actively invested in sustainability at Daimyo, ever since founding the company back in 2003. As business owners, our goal is to contribute to value creation, competitiveness and sustainability. Our investments are split across three divisions: Daimyo Direct, Daimyo Property and Daimyo Invest. The company’s head office is in Oslo, Norway.

Daimyo’s approach to investing

Taking an active role – we contribute by ensuring the implementation of a company’s business plan – either through having a majority or management position  

Providing support for the long-term – we have the capacity to assist the management team in ensuring that the company’s business strategy is implemented

Sustainability  –  we assist our businesses in helping them become more sustainable

Daimyo has a wide, composite investment team who have industrial, strategic and financial experience. Alongside our companies’ customers, suppliers, employees, fellow investors and financial partners, we aim to make a difference.

Value creation



Daimyo Direct

Our direct investments include ownership in a range of unlisted companies within the renewable energy, recycling and environmental technology industries.

Daimyo Property

Daimyo Property invests in industrial property and housing to rent.

Daimyo Invest

Our investments in listed shares primarily focus on companies in which we can actively contribute to through representation in their management team, in regard to value creation, competitiveness and sustainability.