Salten Energigjenvinning AS

Salten Energigjenvinning AS is a 50/50 Joint Venture between Elkem ASA and Kvitebjørn Energi AS. The company was established to build and operate an Energy Recovery Plant (ERP) affiliated with Elkem’s three silicon melting furnaces in Salten.

he completion of the ERP plant is expected in 2021, and will use the heat from the furnaces’ waste gas to produce steam, which will then be channelled to a turbine that will generate electricity. It has been estimated that 270-280 GWh of electricity will be generated annually, corresponding to the consumption of 15,000 households. Established technology, in line with what that which has been chosen for use in Elkem’s ERP plants in Bjølvefossen, Thamshavn and Chicoutimi (Canada), shall also be used in this project.

Energy recovery and electricity generation

Utilisation of waste heat

Salten, Norway

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February 2022