IceBear Steenwijk

Netherlands-based Combined Heat & Power (CHP) plant, where we are currently executing ‘Project Ice Block’, which will enable us to utilise the CHP's surplus heat in the production of spacer blocks for Euro-pallets.

IceBear Steenwijk owns and operates a 12.5MW CHP plant in Steenwijk, the Netherlands, that produces green energy based on biomass. The plant was constructed in 2010, and since energy production commenced, more than 40 million Euro have been invested. The execution of 'Project IceBlock' is currently in the works, which will enable the company to utilise the CHP's surplus heat for production of spacer blocks used for Euro-pallets.

Sustainable production of electricity, steam and spacer blocks for Euro-pallets

Renewable sources of energy and reclaimed wood

Steenwijk, The Netherlands

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